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Development of vortex state in circular magnetic nanodots: Theory and experiment RID A-9247-2009

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Title: Development of vortex state in circular magnetic nanodots: Theory and experiment RID A-9247-2009
Author: Mejia-Lopez, J.; Altbir, D.; Landeros, P.; Escrig, J.; Romero, A. H.; Roshchin, Igor V.; Li, C-P; Fitzsimmons, M. R.; Batlle, X.; Schuller, Ivan K.
Abstract: We compare magnetic reversal of nanostructured circular magnetic dots of different sizes. This comparison is based on superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) magnetometry, neutron scattering, Monte Carlo simulation, and analytical calculations and is quantified using a parameter which characterizes the variation in the hysteresis curve width. Below a critical dot diameter, the magnetic reversal occurs by coherent rotation and above that diameter, the reversal occurs by formation of a magnetic vortex. The vortex-core diameter is controlled by competing magnetic energy contributions. For 20-nm-thick Fe dots, the values of the critical diameter (58-60 nm) and the vortex core (16-19 nm) are in very good agreement between the different experimental and theoretical methods: neutron scattering, SQUID magnetometry, Monte Carlo simulations, and analytical calculations.
Description: Journals published by the American Physical Society can be found at http://journals.aps.org/
Publisher: American Physical Society
Department: Physics and Astronomy
URI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevB.81.184417
Date: 2010


J. Mejia-Lopez, D. Altbir, P. Landeros, J. Escrig, A. H. Romero, Igor V. Roshchin, C-P Li, M. R. Fitzsimmons, X. Batlle and Ivan K. Schuller. Phys.Rev.B 81 184417 2010."Copyright (2010) by the American Physical Society."

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