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Cromer Cycle Air Conditioner: A Study to Confirm Target Performance

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Title: Cromer Cycle Air Conditioner: A Study to Confirm Target Performance
Author: Cromer, C. J.
Abstract: The Cromer cycle uses a desiccant wheel operating in conjunction with a typical air conditioning system. Simulations and laboratory prototypes demonstrate that the cycle has the potential for enhanced humidity control with sensible heat ratios as low as 40% and with far less energy use than other humidity control strategies. The research of this paper includes the purchase of “off the shelf” materials and the assembly of a working residential sized Cromer cycle desiccant air conditioning system. A desiccant wheel was retrofitted on an existing operational two and one half ton air conditioning system within an occupied residence in Cocoa Beach, Florida to validate the energy reduction targets and humidity control performance of this new technology. The unit was constructed and installed during the winter months of 2000. The monitoring for energy and dehumidification performance presented in this paper took place in the Spring of 2001. The unit was installed and removed so that performance data “with” and “without” the Cromer cycle was obtained for comparison. Performance data on the AC unit were acquired using the air-enthalpy method of ARI/ASHRAE test procedures with data recorded on Campbell Scientific CR-10 data acquisition system and downloaded to computer for analysis. The Cromer cycle system provided a three fold increase in moisture control capacity with a 4% reduction in energy use at the conditions tested.
Publisher: Energy Systems Laboratory (http://esl.tamu.edu)
Texas A&M University (http://www.tamu.edu)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1969.1/5129
Date: 2001

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